The process begins with a discussion around the piece you envision and the budget with one of RUNA’s experienced sales associates. Such discussions are always handled with complete discretion and sensitivity.
Clients often like to work with an existing RUNA design by customising the setting with their desired choice of gems and metals. They can alter the piece to their liking or opt for a completely new design around specific gems. Any requirements can be catered for.
Clients can feel confident in the knowledge that our team works closely with Lilya and are intimately acquainted with her design process, putting them in an ideal position to assist and cater your needs.
If the design meets with your approval, a quote is then given and, if the client then wishes to proceed, a 50% deposit is required before the jewel’s manufacture can begin. Pieces can take anything from four weeks to four months to make depending on their complexity.

RUNA prides itself to ensure that our bespoke pieces are made to the highest of standards with the very best of materials and craftsmanship. From the creative process, through to the stone selection and manufacturing to the finished piece, our head designer Lilya Areyfulina is personally involved every step of the way so clients are assured their desires are aligned with their special creations.
Head Designer
Jewelry has always had talismanic meaning – in every culture, we look to symbols for strength and protection. Ancient civilizations such as the Assyrians, Egyptians, Babylonians and Arabs used amulets in medicine as well as in protection and attracting good fortune. Runa Concept offers personalized amulet rings based on your natal chart, which is almost as unique to an individual as their fingerprint.

Depending on your request and birth information, together with skilled team of professionals we will select a perfect stone to accomplish your goals, be it better health, protection against negative energies, finding true love, improving financial situation or simply finding harmony within, as the ways stones can improve our fate are limitless. After thorough research of the stone we will elaborate on its design, which can either replicate already existing Runa pieces or be brand new. Nothing will be done by accident: stone, metals and even a finger on which you’re supposed to wear the ring will be determined by heavenly bodies.